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  • Episode 67: I Hope Jared Leto Senpai Notices Me
    This episode seems more... British? Internet voice talent ShadyVox (Blake Swift) joins the Echo Crew as a special guest! Topics include: mailing wasps, Nicholas Cage selling cows, abridged anime, YouTube copyright claims...
    Posted 12/23/13

  • Episode 66: No Backpacks Allowed, Don't Tell Jello
    Jeff, Paolo, and AnimeCow are here to tell you a thing or two about video games. Topics include: Wizardy 8, nerd conventions, Yoshi's status as a character or item, Banjo-Kazooie, console accessories, favorite power-ups...
    Posted 12/16/13

  • Episode 65: You Never Gave Me That Musical Pony
    e have A 3-man cast this week as AnimeCow, Rhythm Bastard, and Paolo nerd out. Topics include: Hayley Williams: The Band, musical domestic violence, a whole lot of card game talk, and more!
    Posted 12/10/13

  • Episode 64: No More Garbage
    This week AnimeCow makes his big return the show, and things continue to go aimlessly. Topics include: basketball, technology's effect on being social, chimichangas, broken physics in video games, the PlayStation 4, Pol...
    Posted 11/25/13

  • Episode 63: Simpsons Did It
    New consoles are here, but no one on this podcast is getting one. So let's just talk about video games and stuff!
    Posted 11/18/13

  • Episode 62: Fuck That Fox
    This week is an extra spooooooky episode... Wait, what do you mean Halloween was last week? Topics include: Costumes, bake-offs, scary games, job interview tips, scary music, creepypasta, and more!
    Posted 11/04/13

  • Episode 61: Lonelycast
    It's another 2-man podcast with Jeff and Mystakin! Let's see how weird it gets. Topics include: Bo Burnham, Gravity, The Birds, Infinity Ward firing shots, mob mentality, straight edge, Rob Zombie vs. White Zombie, and...
    Posted 10/28/13

  • Episode 60: An Army of Wobbuffet
    This week The Echo Crew is discussing Pokemon, including their impressions of the newly released X and Y! Topics include: The Luminose City bug, the 2DS, diagonal movement, games being easier, smarter AI, gyms, the wonde...
    Posted 10/21/13

  • Episode 59: Fantasy Booking: Freelance Lumberjacks
    This week Jeff and Rhythm Bastard try to do a 2-man podcast, and it gets weird. But they do eventually talk about songs that have changed their perspective on things... maybe? Topics include: pizza, favorite Patrick Star...
    Posted 10/15/13

  • Episode 58: Bootleg Charlie Sheen
    This week we're talking about Pokemon, and other gaming conspiracies! Topics include: Squirtle being terrifying, facebirth, Pokemon theories, Rhythm Bastard reads Bulbapedia, awesome DRM, serious Ryan Reynolds, and more...
    Posted 10/07/13

  • Episode 57: Cold Break Boom
    This week The Echo Crew shares songs that they hate. Let the hate flow through you! Topics include: obvious targets, Plain White T's being creepy, dubstep, overused words, the Electric Slide, Christian Bale, Miley Cyrus...
    Posted 09/30/13

  • Episode 56: Wikipedia: The Podcast
    It's back to school time! The Echo Crew talks about their time at college... after a bunch of other stuff. Topics include: Pizza, Cow's illegal job, Cow learns how to explain things, gift cards, campus life, cafeterias...
    Posted 09/23/13

  • Episode 55: Clirby
    Mystakin is learning Unity, so let's talk programming and other game stuff! Topics include: game development, Jeff's new game, art assets, Magical Girl Game Jam, Kingdom Hearts, name pronunciations, new Humble Bundle, ...
    Posted 09/16/13

  • Episode 54: I'm Already Pumping, So Pimp Me
    This week Jeff has an obsession for anarchy while the rest of The Echo Crew discuss the latest in music and video games. Topics include: Boats, dead celebrities, the Nintendo 2DS, Wii U price drop, various types of anarc...
    Posted 09/03/13

  • Episode 53: Where the Guns At?
    The Echo Crew sit down and they talk about stuff? Topics include: Everyone's exciting week, Divekick, Batman, PS4, board games, good actors in bad movies, Echo Chamber fanfic, and more!
    Posted 08/26/13

  • Episode 52: We Hate The Weight
    This week's topic was supposed to be Dad Rock, but no one knows exactly what that is. Oh well, do it anyway! Topics include: What is Dad Rock, listing off bands, favorites, soundboards and anime, 3D girls vs. 2D girls, ...
    Posted 08/19/13

  • Episode 51: Beep Boop, Son
    After 50 episodes, we're back to still not having a solid topic...OR DO WE? Topics include: sports, puzzle games, bingo cards, anime, jockjams, leg drumming, blah blah blah, censored Limp Bizkit, and more!
    Posted 08/12/13

  • Episode 50: Duckface on a Grandpa
    Fifty episodes? Jeezus. Topics include: Michael Jordan, books, movie adaptations, old people on the internet, bitcoins, Linkin Park, and more!
    Posted 08/05/13

  • Episode 49: CakeGate
    This week we're talking birthday and party songs! Topics include: Christmas in July, introducing groups of friends, alcohol, The Beatles, cake updates, Phil Fish, Samuel L. Jackson as the next Doctor Who, and more! NOTE...
    Posted 07/29/13

  • Episode 48: This Makes The Bible So Much Better
    AH, A GIRL! Jill Ross from Bonesaw Gaming sits in on this wacky episode. Topics include: Space Tamborine, Dave Matthews impressions, Jimmy Buffett, Party Town, artists from Mississippi, jacked legs, millz billz, anime ra...
    Posted 07/22/13

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